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Questions to Ask on Wedding Venue Tours - Michigan Wedding Venues

Okay, so you’re ENGAGED and finally diving into wedding planning?? Finding the perfect venue is like snagging that dream dress – it sets the entire tone for your big day! But before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important that you take your time to tour venues and ask the right questions to make sure you know what you’re getting into!

A bride and her bridesmaids walking and laughing. The bridal party is wearing a light tan color dress with neutral white and green florals!

Here are the top 10 questions you gotta have in your back pocket to ensure you walk away feeling like a wedding planning pro:

Logistics and Availability:

  1. What dates are available for my wedding? Be flexible with your preferred date if needed. Sometimes there are discounted rates for off season or friday/sunday weddings!

  2. What is the maximum capacity for both the ceremony and reception spaces? You want a space that is appropriate for your number- too big or small of a room for your group can impact the feel of the party!

  3. Is there a backup plan in case of inclement weather? Especially important for outdoor ceremonies!

Costs and Fees:

  1. What is the venue rental fee? Ask for all-inclusive packages and a breakdown of additional fees

  2. Are there any hidden fees? Inquire about things like corkage charges, taxes and service fees, cutting cake fees, or vendor setup costs

  3. What catering options are available? Do I have to use your in-house catering, or can I bring in an outside vendor? This will help with planning out your budget and comparing from venue to venue

Vendor Recommendations and Services:

  1. Do you have a preferred list of vendors, such as caterers, florists, or DJs? Recommendations can save you time and ensure compatibility with the venue

  2. What staff services are included in the rental fee? Will there be someone on-site to manage the event flow? Do they include options for table linens? 

Venue Specifics and Amenities:

  1. What time can we access the venue for setup and breakdown? This is crucial for coordinating vendors

  2. Are there any restrictions on music or decorations? Common restrictions include open flame, confetti, and sparklers

Remember: Take notes, snap pics, bring your partner (and anyone else whose opinion matters!), and most importantly, have fun envisioning your day come to life in this space!

By asking these key questions and trusting your gut, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect venue for your vision!

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