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Engagement Gift Ideas for Your Newly Engaged Friend!

With engagement season upon us, I thought I would create a list of great gifts for your engaged girlie. It can be difficult to think of ideas outside of a ring dish... I am here to help!! Look no further for gift ideas to bring to an engagement party or for the holidays.

It can be difficult to pick out a gift for someone who just got engaged! You don't want to get them a duplicate of something, nor get them something too specific that doesn't fit what they need! I've come up with a list of things that mostly any engaged friend will appreciate.

*Please note that this blog post contains some affiliate links. I have only linked products I love and would recommend.*

1. Ring Dish

This is a classic "just engaged" gift. If you're the first one to know, this is a great gift to get. This can be one that they get multiples of, though. There are also a lot of dishes out there that can be.... cheesy. Here are some links to ones I think are nice and classic!

2. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This jewelry cleaner is the kind jewelry stores have, and will give them the gift of a clean engagement ring at their fingertips. It is so easy to use, and it will save them a few trips to the store in preparation for events! Also just nice to know you can ALWAYS have a sparkly diamond on your finger.

3. Wedding Planning Notebook

Your friend will definitely need somewhere to put their dreams, ideas, and plans. Find a planning notebook that has everything they could possibly need! I have seen great reviews about this one from Erin Condren, and actually purchased it for a friend this year :)

4. Bridal Clutch / Tote Bag

From the moment they are engaged through their honeymoon, this is the TIME to flaunt the Bride merch :) Get your friend a special tote, makeup bag, or clutch to celebrate this season of life! Here are a few options!

5. Jewelry Travel Case

Now that they're engaged, we know for sure that they have new precious jewelry, and that they'll most likely be traveling somewhere soon! Most people don't think to get a cute jewelry travel case, but it is SO appreciated when you get one. To Honeymoon and beyond!

This one linked below is pleather and zips shut! It also comes in 17 colors, so you can go with a nice classic bridal white or whatever color they love!

6. Massage

This is something that you can gift that will be appreciated by any bride or groom. Wedding planning takes up a LOT of your time and every person planning could use the gift of a relaxing massage :) You can either get a gift card for a great salon nearby, or find a groupon!!

7. Polaroid or Film Printer

If your friend doesn't own a polaroid or instant film camera, this could be a really special time in life to capture in film. There is truly nothing like a film photo that can't be recreated.

Instax Mini 11 Camera - Amazon (this one comes with a pack of film too!)

White Instax Display Album - Amazon (so they can put their film from engagement somewhere!)

Instax Bluetooth Film Printer - Amazon (This is a printer that connects to your phone!! You can print any image to the film size with it!)

8. Gift Card for Date Night

Even though they are newly engaged, the chaos of wedding planning can make a "normal" date night hard to schedule :) Give your friend the gift of a free date night!

9. Velvet Ring Box

Lots of brides forget to buy themselves a cute ring box and just use the one that came from the jewelry store! Help them display their beautiful ring in a beautiful box! These boxes can be used in their detail photos on their wedding day as well- you can be a special part of that!

These come in TONS of colors- you could buy it in their wedding color or just a simple white or champagne :)

10. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This can be a gift for any time during the engagement season. Every bride needs this, but they often don't have the time to put it together. This is something you can buy online, or make DIY for a more robust gift!

I hope this is helpful to you during engagement season!! Thank you for reading!

Amelie Ferdais, Wedding Photographer


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